Thursday, August 27, 2009

Miracle Washing Ball

dear people,

i had this opportunity to try out a ' ball ' that helps me washing my clothes.

without even need to use and detergent, no softener or bleach,

i don't need to separate my clothes and the kids ones.

this amazing ball is very easy to use,
  • all i need to do is just let it soaked with my clothes in da machine for an hour,
  • i've pre-set it to soak and wash automatically.
  • when it's all over, i just need to dry the ball just as how i dry my clothes.

how does it works?
  • the ball is made of fabric like material
  • it contains magnets that activates water molecule constructions
  • there's a lot of ceramics balls which maintain the pH, eliminates the clorine, antibacterial

the result?
  • clean clothes
  • no stains- not even yellowish
  • no foul odor
  • clean water smells - not chlorine smells
  • ok to gentle soft skins - ok to my sensitive skins too

will u be interested in this product?

leave a comments or email me and
i shall help u to benefit from it - as much as i do !


Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Assalamualaikum . . .

salam perkenalan kepada semua yang melawati blog saya. ini adalah 'intro' untuk satu kemudahan bagi semua warga malaysia khasnya serta warga Dunia secara amnya.

apa yang saya akan bawakan kepada anda adalah produk2 yang anda perlukan di masa anda memerlukannya.

ikuti blog saya and bookmark di toolbar anda supaya mudah anda mencari apa yang di perlukan bila anda memerlukannya . . .

pernah terjadi kan? bila kita nak . . masa tu lah dia tak da ! masa tak mahu . . . nampak pulak! . .jadi jangan lupa bookmark blog saya atau follow ya. . .